Oasis Education is focused on the implementation of new teaching methodologies as well as the enhancement of existing practices through selective use of modern blended learning systems and international best-practice. 

Through strong relationships with international training institutions and leading education providers, such as our exclusive partnership with Cambridge Worldwide Academy, Oasis Education is focused on delivering the highest quality training and education in the region. 

Our core activities include:

  • Turnkey set-up of private British schools from Kindergarten to A-levels 
  • Turnkey set-up of private international schools from Kindergarten to pre-University level (e.g. IB)
  • A-Z operation of  educational institutions, including:
    • Pre-schools and primary schools
    • Secondary schools
    • Post-secondary technical and vocational education and training (TVET) centres of excellence
    • Private and government in-house training academies across sectors
  • Supply of native English-speaking teachers for language training and other courses
    • Full-time basis for ongoing training requirements
    • Temporary basis for specific training courses with limited requirement 
  • In-house training for government agencies and private companies
    • Technical English training
    • Human Resources
    • Leadership
    • Management
    • Tailor-made courses for your institution with Cambridge accreditation